11 Essential Tips for WordPress Beginner

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11 Essential Tips for WordPress Beginner

WordPress Beginner

Complete Guide for WordPress Beginner

WordPress- a tool you might be familiar with if you are a blogger or have had the experience of creating a website. Even if you have not heard of or use WordPress before, then you are in the right place. For any WordPress Beginner or any Web profession, a must is a connection like Spectrum internet ultra. This blog aims at giving the beginners some tips regarding WordPress that can be of help.

So here it goes for WordPress Beginner:

Sidebar- Not our Hall Closet

The reason I am mentioning hall closet over here is to give you a clear comparison. A hall closet is a place where you tend to throw everything in the top shelf. In addition, the thought of opening that closet always acres you because you know that everything will fall on you.

It is the case with the WordPress Beginner sidebar. It is stuffed with your ads, the links to most recent tweets, social media icons, photos of fans on Facebook and so on. In addition, amongst this all, there might be a link hiding somewhere that you actually want the visitors to click on. However, if YOU have trouble locating that link, think of the visitors to your page.

Therefore, you should consider visiting ‘Appearance and Widgets.’ Remove all the widgets from here except the ones that are of a benefit to your business. Problem = solved.

Easy to Search Your Library

You should make it easy for visitors to find what is in your library. The Media Library in WordPress Beginner is similar to the libraries where you go in search of books. You should make it convenient for yourself to integrate all the media related stuff in one integrated folder. All you have to do is plug in a keyword and the file that you require will appear before you.

Save yourself the trouble, make things convenient for yourself.

Clean Up Your Permalinks

Of course, you work hard to make your business or your piece of writing prominent. This hard work should pay off. And it will only reward you if Google, Yahoo or Bing can find you when a person types in a query. Otherwise, your effort will be of no use.

For this purpose, you will have to spare some time and learn the basics of SEO Copywriting. In addition to this, you should try to make use of the permalink field in WordPress Website. Remove all the unnecessary words from there. And try to make intelligent use of keywords.

Choose Your Hosting

Choosing the right hosting provider for your WordPress is very essential. Without hosting, your site won’t go live on the Internet. This is not the only reason why hosting provider is essential for WordPress Beginner. The website hosting service will also provide you with enough resources to deal with your site traffic, and avoid site crashes or downtime.

Therefore, choose the best hosting plan for your site.

Theme Demos

Before you select a theme for your blog or your website, it is always a good idea to watch a demo. This will not only allow you to view a theme but at times you can try it out as well. It is important to do so because the theme that you select will form the basis of your website. Therefore, it is important that you select the one that goes with your product and brand. Also, the one that you like.

Installing an SEO Plugin

If you install an SEO plugin in your WordPress, it will be of great help. Because SEO is critical for the success of any website. If you do not make use of SEO or follow what the rules say, your website won’t be able to rank well. Which means that you won’t be visible to the masses. And you know what exactly does that mean, don’t you.

Therefore, installing an SEO plugin will make your life easier and will also improve your website’s ranking.

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Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very famous tool that helps you track your website’s performance. Apart from that, it also aids you in recording the data and giving you an insight into how people are actually interacting with your website. This makes Google Analytics a crucial tool in measuring your site’s success.

If you are not using this invaluable tool as yet, the best way you can do so is installing MonsterInsights along with Google Analytics. And then see the magic happen.

Compress Your Images

People often inquire is 100 Mbps fast enough? The answer is that the speed of the Internet that you subscribe to depends on the purpose for which you use it. For example, if you use the Internet for gaming, you will require fast-speed. However, if your sole purpose is to surf the social media sites, you can do with much less speed as well.

However, the loading time of a website also makes a difference. Sometimes it so happens that you have a fast-speed Internet connection, but the page still will not load.

If a customer experiences such an inconvenience that means that, the fault is on your part. You should compress your images and optimize your website’s pages in a way that they do not take more than two seconds to load. The stress here is on the images because they take more time to load.

Limit the Number of Plugins

You should add all the plugins that you please. There has to be a limit to the number of plugins added as well. Plugins add functionality to your raw website. In addition, unless you select a theme that comes with built-in features, you will need these plugins for your website.

However, having too many plugins can also slow down your website. So, you should focus on adding plugins that you really want. And let go off the extra code plugins.

Do Your Keyword Research

You should also be aware of the trending keywords related to your brand or your blog. This will help you to come up with content or topics that are relevant to your file as well. Add them to your website. Because whenever people search for a topic related to your line of business, your website will rank well and display before the viewers.


Majority of the people scroll the Internet or read an article on their mobiles. Therefore, when you are customizing your WordPress Beginner, make sure that it is mobile friendly as well. Your website or blog should have a responsive layout. This means that people using smart devices or tablets should be able to view the content with as much ease as a desktop user does.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to create a website or a blog that gains popularity in little time.

Good luck!

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