The Most Effective tips to grow your sales with Ecommerce Marketing

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The Most Effective tips to grow your sales with Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing

Tips for Ecommerce Marketing

The Ecommerce Marketing industry has registered huge growth in recent years. If your business is not already a part of this big Ecommerce Website bandwagon, then you may lose your potential share of the $4.8 trillion of sales revenue to be generated by the retail Ecommerce Marketing segment by 2021. There has been a sizeable increase in the number of online customers, and the number which stood at 1.66 billion in 2017 is all set to touch 2.14 billion by 2021. Here is a list of the trends which will make their mark in the future and decide the course for Ecommerce Marketing in times to come.

Personalization of Product and Services in Ecommerce Marketing:

Ecommerce Marketing businesses do not have direct interactions with their customers. There are no sales assistants who can help online visitors to make a certain choice from the range of products that are at display. So how does one talk about personalization? Ecommerce Marketing is trying to replicate the shopping journey of a routine customer online by making use of the user-specific online data. All these are a reflection of the interests and needs of the user which he or she is trying to fulfill. So, if the business provides the best solution, it makes use of every touch-point and presents it to the user in the form of suggestions.

This is the reason why a user is often able to see highly tailored ads based on his or her search history and even marketing messages directly targeting them. This not only generates a pleasant experience but shows the users that their presence is valuable to the business. Statistics have shown that customers end up spending more than 45% of their previous budgets when things come to them in personalized bundles just like the way personalized emails perform better than the so-called cold Email Marketing. Surprisingly, there are studies that have in fact shown that people who are open to online shopping do not mind leaving their personal information with the brands if the same happens to help them fetch better bargains.

Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce Marketing:

Going ahead in 2019 and just a few months away from 2020, one can be assured that artificial intelligence will make a great difference to the daily operations of businesses and the lives of the people. Businesses have come up with the chatbots, and other digital assistants aimed at giving the visitor a great experience. These are highly useful in handling multiple tasks that are otherwise assigned to human beings like sorting the inventories, taking care of user inquiries or complaints. Artificial Intelligence fuelled assistants are said to learn from various conversations and communications to give the customers more personal experience.

Mobile Versions in Ecommerce Marketing:

There have been many surveys and studies to support the fact that the majority of users make use of handheld mobile devices to access the internet. Going by the same trends with an Ecommerce Marketing approach. It has been found that a great majority of people make use of mobiles to make online purchases. As well and not just limit themselves to general web browsing. In a study conducted in the US market, it was found that out of 125 million people who made use of mobiles for browsing, a large majority of around 75 million had actually indulged in online purchases as well.

Mobile devices are thus all set to grab the center-stage on the internet. Usage for not only conducting searches but also buying goods and services. Hence, mobiles definitely will be the leader of all the trends which will set the Ecommerce Marketing on fire. Businesses who want to go a long way have to optimize their platforms for mobile experiences. As soon mobiles will become the standard norm.

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The web isn’t going to be limited to standard websites alone and going by the current trends, mobile apps will form a big market in itself. Alongside, the catching trend of mobile or eWallets cannot be ignored as online shoppers. Soon coming to realize the huge benefits which are linked to these. Businesses will have to consider linking their apps or websites to an eWallet to ease purchases for visitors. And hence improve their experience. And browsing for longer times than on typical websites.

Interactive Visualisations:

Every online shopper goes through a decision-indecision phase where one feels interested and at the same time not sure about the purchase. Here one feels a compelling need to be able to interact with the product to explore it from all aspects. Businesses have thus moved towards high-end product visualizations by 3D imaging, AR, etc. to aid user experience and satisfaction. The addition of product videos has further enhanced the whole experience by bringing in a feel of being in-store.

Personalization across Channels:

Going forward, it will not be enough to have a dull presence across channels. But businesses will have to weave a coherent brand strategy by personalization of the user experience across all channels. Any kind of variation in experiences across different channels can be highly annoying and counter-productive. Businesses are coming to realize the significance of this as only 46% of them have managed to provide coherence across a few channels. While as many as 27% still lack any kind of connections. An effective way to achieve Omnichannel coherence is by AI-targeting or Predictive targeting. Also, it is helpful in the identification of the visitor and allows for a highly customized experience.


These are not new but significant. The impact of online subscriptions on Ecommerce Marketing cannot be undermined. And these will continue to remain in power going forward. Subscriptions are now an integral part of the online retail industry. As they help fulfill the needs of both the users and the businesses. Latter are assured of a continued, and consistent income and former do not have to bother shopping for certain products. They are banal and routine thus saving a lot of time, money and effort at both ends.

Product Packaging:

In a study undertaken by Dotcom Distribution, it was revealed that 68% of users felt the packaging made a great contribution to the brand image and positioning. This has thus enumerated the significance of customized packaging as an emerging trend. One of the basic yet effective manners to gain an edge over the competitors is to work on the packaging. Businesses have to see packaging as a part of the product and not an added service.


Ecommerce Marketing Industry, just like every other facet of life is fast evolving to catch the pace. Moreover with the rapid growth in technology and related customer expectations. Different trends are emerging every year and businesses have to keep abreast with them to cut above the rest. Personalization is the underlying factor that forms the basis of the next generation of trends. It holds the key to the creation of a new level of user experience. Latest Digital Marketing Updates has always taken pride in bringing you the latest knowledge about various business trends. You may visit our blog for more of such insightful topics.

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