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SOCIAL MEDIA: The collection of online communications and online channels which can be used for sharing, collaboration, interaction is called social media. Social media is the internet-based system. In today’s world, social media is a crucial part of life. Social Media Marketing plays important role in Digital Marketing Trends.


Above all, Social Media Marketing is a type of internet marketing. Social websites and social networks are used as a marketing tool for social media. The goal of SMM is to provide help for company brand exposure and increase the customer reach. Users can share the contents in social media.

The social media marketing provides 133% increases for the business retailers from their revenues. Social websites also contain more information about the products and services. SMM websites provide the facility for a small business to find the job seekers to fill the positions.

The major component of SMM is social media optimization (SMO). The following are the two ways to do the Social media optimizations.

  • Adding links to the content.
  • Updating tweets, blog posts or statuses

Because of the popular websites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter Myspace and LinkedIn, the social media became more common.

A company can get feedback from the customers directly using social media marketing. The customers are allowed to post about the firms or internet websites. This facility is called social customer relationship management (social CRM).


There is no business can contradiction to the importance of social media optimization. SMO is a very useful feature of social media marketing. Some importance of SMO is as follows:

  • The strong presence of the web- The user should ensure the strong presence of the web to prove the internet authority of the required brand. It is also used for the person, who helps in improving the brand and recall. It helps to present the brand as the most useful one.
  • Traffic generation- Social media optimization is very useful for traffic generation. It is a great source to allow the firms to reach the clients’ world level. It never takes any extra investments.
  • Always connected to the customers- The firm should always connect with potential customers through social media. The firm should analyze the customer’s need. Give preference to the potential clients, which is the best way to improve the business in social media.
  • Lead generation campaigns- Social media is very useful for creating a buzz and branding. Nowadays, it will be increasingly used for the lead to the generation Tapping into social media marketing will transform the lead generation campaigns importantly.
  • Improve the reach- Social media optimization gives the opportunity to the important potential clients and also the audience to use social media marketing. The clients and the users can get the chance to reach the world anywhere, everywhere. It is because of mobile access.
  • Search Engine Ranking- Search engine marketing can help to improve the ranking of the search engine in the social media. The social media channels such as Google has the started acquiring data and show the results. So the SMO plays a most prominent role in the social media marketing.


The strategy was the most important one in social media marketing. There are several strategies for social media marketing. The strategy will help the firm to ensure the importance of the brand. The firm or social media cannot use the same strategy every day.

A strategy is important for calculating the increases or losses. Ordinary people can also use Social media. The websites of social media can also target the important marketing field like niche marketing.

The first step to set the strategy is to understand the efforts of the firm or a social media user. And the second one for setting a strategy is setting goals to the corresponding business on the social media. Set a goal and understand the way of thinking of the clients and also the people.

Types of SMM:

The main purpose of employment in social media marketing is as a communication tool. These types of firms use social media to create buzz. The platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have a huge number of users.

Facebook- Facebook allows a product to provide photos, videos, and descriptions. In this, the users can comment on other products also. Facebook has more details as compared to Twitter. Facebook will link back to their client’s Twitter pages and send the event reminders.

Twitter- Twitter allows only short messages limited to 140 characters called tweets to promote the firm’s products. The tweets will appear on the followers’ home timelines. The firms use Twitter to provide client service Tweets can consists of photo, text, video, emoji, animated GIF  and links to the other social media profiles and product’s website.

Few More types

Instagram- In 2014 may, 200 million users use Instagram. Many brands are using this application to improve the marketing strategy. Instagram’s goal is providing the firms to reach their customers. Android system and Apple supports Instagram. Smartphone users can easily access Instagram. Instagram has proved itself to reach customers when giving the prospects that sharing the pictures, videos to the audience. Like Facebook, Instagram also provides the benefit to share the pictures, videos, messages, emoji, links and animated GIF.

LinkedIn- LinkedIn is an employment and business-oriented service. Access from the mobile app or a website. LinkedIn is mostly used for professional work. In this, the employers can include the job postings and the job seekers posting their resumes. Around 200 countries, LinkedIn had 500 million members. LinkedIn allows the customers to create profiles and connect to other social media marketing. The members of the LinkedIn can invite others to become a connection.

Whatsapp- Whatsapp is the most popular mobile application. Through this app, the user can share the videos, pictures, texts, links, animated GIF and emoji, like Facebook and Instagram. Now the new facility that is the messages and calls of WhatsApp are secured and safe with end-to-end encryption. So that no one can read the messages or listen the audio.

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