What is the right and quick way for Guest Posting?

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What is the right and quick way for Guest Posting?

Guest Posting

Complete Guide for Guest Posting

What’s up, everyone? It’s Harry here from SEO Builder and in this article, I’m going to show you how to systematize your Guest Posting blogging process so you can find an unlimited number of prospects and topics with very little effort.

As we all know, Guest Posting can take a lot of time. You need to find sites to pitch, get your pitch accepted and then actually write a good post. So that comes with two big limitations. The first is finding enough unique topics to write about and the second is time. But I’m going to help you break through these limitations.

Guest posting overview

So what is Guest Posting or guest blogging? It’s when you publish content on another web site with a goal to increase exposure traffic or brand awareness for your own site. And this tactic only has three steps.

  1. Number one you need to find web sites to pitch your guest posts ideas to.
  2. Find topics to write about.
  3. Write content and get it approved/published on their blog. Ideally with a link back to your site.

Prospecting guide for Guest Posting

So let’s move on to Step 1 and find guest posting sites to pitch. There are two really easy ways to do this. The first one is to search for something like ‘in the title:’ and your topic so I’ll use fitness as our example and then I’ll add ‘guest post’ by as a phrase match.

Next, we want to make sure that pitching these sites will be worth your time. And this is super important because you don’t want to spend your time writing for websites that get no traffic and have no links because it’s probably not going to do much for your brand or website. And there are two metrics you can look at to get a bird’s eye view of the websites.

The first is domain rating which is a draft metric that represents the overall strength of a Web site’s backlink profile. And the second is the amount of search traffic they get at the Domain level and you can find these metrics with Ahrefs SEO Toolbar. After you’ve installed it, just click on the icon and you’ll see that there is an inline view of the essential metrics for each page. Domain level metrics are the ones on the right side.

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One of my favorite things to do is to export the top 100 results which you can do by clicking the icon down or up, could be both ways. Just make sure that you have your settings to show the top 100 results which you can do by going to Google Settings->Search settings and drag the results per page up to 100.

Then you can open up the exported spreadsheet and start creating filters to only show website that will meet your thresholds. For example, you can set a filter to only show pages with a domain rating of 40 or higher. And then set the domain search traffic filter to more than 10000 search visitors. And right away you have a list of around 15 or so guests posting sites to pitch. Now 15 or so results probably won’t be too exciting if you’re looking to do this at scale. So the best way to find thousands of Guest Posting sites is to use content explorer.

Scale with Content explorer

This is basically our mini search engine that has a ton of filtering for all metrics and one cool feature that’s pretty game-changing for guest blogging. So first, I’ll type in fitness and change this to a title search. Next, I’ll set the one article per domain filter, since we don’t need to pitch the same website numerous times. Now, we can set the domain rating filter again to a minimum of 40 and add a max value of 70 and I’ll also set the language filter to English since I won’t be able to pitch sites in another language. And we now have a list of nearly 10000 unique websites that have written about our topic. Now two important notes.

  1. Number one, you don’t need to limit your prospects to just websites that have a right for us page. Most websites don’t have one and if you’re actually providing solid content for them then there are very few reasons as to why they would reject it.
  2. And two, you will have to filter through these results. But it’s literally just a matter of eyeballing the domain names using the does the domain name look like it makes sense rule.

How to find and write awesome guest content

Okay, so now we have a ton of sites to pitch our guest post to and could easily scale this by entering in different search terms in content explorer. The next step is to find suitable guest post topics to write about. Now we know that all people do outreach for guest blogging differently. Some people prefer to include three to five headlines while others prefer to send a general feeler email to see if the website is even accepting guest posts rather than leading to one side or the other.

I’m going to show you a dead-simple strategy to generate an infinite number of headlines to pitch. It’s called the Robin Hood technique. If you don’t know this green hooded fellow, he’s best known for taking from the rich and giving to the poor and in the same way, you can do that by finding topic ideas from popular sites a.k.a. the rich and giving your own unique content pitches to the lesser-known sites a.k.a. the poor.

So let’s go back to content explorer and I’ll search for a popular website around traveling. Next, you can sort the results of websites by whatever indicator you think is a good fit. For example, you can sort their pages by referring domains or by their most shared content using the total shares filter. And you can also see some awesome topic ideas here like on 19 Instagram Travel Hacks or 17 Unforgettable Countries You Can Visit for Less Than $50 a Day. Just chose the topic you want to write about and pitch it to other travel sites.

Final thoughts

One last tip is that you should prioritize the sites you pitch based on relevancy which is pretty straightforward. And B if the website has ever linked to you before. This is the game-changing feature I was talking about within content explorer. We have this filter called Highlight Unlinked Domains.

Here’s how it works. Just click here and right away it’s going to highlight all of the domains that have never linked to your Web site before. And the reason why this is important is that in general links from the same web sites will have less weight than a link from a new referring domain. So you want to be pitching new websites that have never linked to you before.

Great. So now all we need to do is click the export button and just make sure that the only highlighted unlinked domains checkbox is checked which will further narrow down your list of guest posting prospects from here. Just open up your spreadsheet and clean up your list a bit for Web sites that you want to pitch. OK. We now have a ton of sites to pitch our guest post to and could easily scale this by entering in different search terms in content explorer. Let me know what you think in the comments below and make sure to keep checking pieces.

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