8 simple things every blogger must do to get in Google search results

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8 simple things every blogger must do to get in Google search results



Many bloggers complain that they are having quality content on their blog or website but they are unable to catch high traffic or secure top results place on Google search rankings. Most of the bloggers fail because they fail to go with SEO parallelly. SEO is very important for any blogger especially in getting better views and get on top of the search results. To make SEO easy, we have listed some simple thing which one blogger must do to get in the search results:

Points to remember for every Blogger

1. Content is everything

Content is everything, period! No one will come to your website again and again until you give them juicy and trendy content. According to Indiashoppers, using keywords can take you on the top but having a regular audience is as important too. If users don’t like the content and never come back, it means you are doing it the wrong way. So, keep an eye on your content, trends and provide something different to the users which they want to read, also you can take content marketing services from an organization. In this way, you can catch some good audience which will never leave you. It means not only you will get page views but also Google will recognize it and put you on the top rankings.

2. Make some creative titles

Always go for titles which bring the audience to your uniqueness and creativity. Every second person is using the same keyword and making the same article type. But, try to do something else with that keyword or provide the same article by writing some creative title is one of the important things for a blogger. It will make users keen- keen to read the article. And, if you provide the content knowledgeable too, no one can take the audience form you. It will further help you in getting high places in search rankings.

3. Keep a check on the website’s Load Speed for Blogger

Make your website fast! It is one of the simplest ways to attract an audience and get more SEO score. Users nowadays don’t have time to wait for the content to load and then start reading it. It is clearly not the case. In this pacey world where everything must be fast, your website must be fast too. To make them fast, one can remove irrelevant and unnecessary Javascript and CSS codes. One of the most important parts of a blogger.

4. Get an SSL certificate

Google looks out for how secure your website is. Is it hackable or has bugs in it? Google checks it all! To make your website out of the danger radar, the first thing you can do- buy an SSL certificate for your website. It will help in making your website secure. Mainly, now your website will start with “https” instead of “HTTP.” When someone puts any query in the search bar, Google doesn’t straightway gives you the result. Under the hood, it is playing with many factors and checking for the website’s SSL certificate is a major one among all those factors.

5. AMP is the future

It is said that AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) model of websites will be under the radar of Google in coming future. And, Google will be pretty serious about this model to bring your results on top. AMP versions of websites are made just for mobiles to give you better and fast experience while you surf any website on mobile. Pages load lightning fast and there are no ads in this version of the website. Moreover, the CSS and Javascript are minimal and the layout of the website is simple and steady to a Blogger. SO, a reader straightaway gets the content with no-nonsense ads and CSS pop-ups.

6. Use Alt Tags in images

Google also keeps checking on the images and their names. Google calls the images with their name. In here, images means the images you use in your blog and you can name them with the “Alt Tags.” When someone searches for something on Google, Google also compares the results with the “Alt Tags” to get the optimized result. So, start using “Alt Tags” which will further enhance your chances to grab the first spot on Google rankings.

7. Keep your articles glued

Keep your articles linked to each other if they are inter-related. Imagine you have written a blog on “Copa America 2019: Brazil team review” and then plan to create another article on “Copa America 2019: Argentina team review.” If you give an anchor tag and link the former article in the latter one. The user will go and read both articles if he like your content. So, you get your job done i.e. more page views, less bounce rate, and people have started liking your content as a blogger. The best way to do interlinking is by using anchor tags in your blog and leaving the link of the related article. Moreover, if you are looking for digital marketing jobs then it could be best to try it.

8. Grab as many backlinks as you can

Backlinks can help any blog to reach immense heights in terms of rankings. One can get backlinks from an influencer, a high domain authority website, or the websites which get immense traffic. This will help any blog to get more audience which further helps in increasing your website credibility. It straightaway means that you can make your website’s Domain Authority high. If you are able to get 10-20 good backlinks, you will start seeing the difference in your website or blog rankings. Not only you will get more visitors from their traffic juice but your website rank will jump high on the search engine pages too.

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